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  • Your User Name and Password are case sensitive so please make sure you enter them correctly.
  • After three unsuccessful attempts at logging in, your account will be locked - see below for more detail about locked accounts.


You need to successfully register for our Online Services to be able to complete Skilled Migrant Expression of Interest form online or to apply online for a further visitor's permit.


As part of your registration, you will need to supply a valid email address.  Once you have successfully registered, we will send you an email confirming your registration.


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To preserve integrity of personal information users share with us, we have designed the site to lock an account after a user has unsuccessfully attempted to log in three times, using an incorrect User Name and/or Password. 


The account will be unlocked after a period of eight hours, however you can reset your password by accessing the Forgotten Password function available from the left hand menu - see below for more detail.


Forgotten Password

You can change your password by entering your User Name and answering the secret question that you chose when you registered.  Important Note - the answer to your secret question is case sensitive so make sure you enter it correctly.


If your account has been locked while attempting to login, you will receive one opportunity to successfully answer your secret question.  If it is answered incorrectly the account will be locked for eight hours.


Forgotten User Name or having problems logging in?

Please phone our National Call Centre on (09) 914 4100 or 0508 55 88 55 (+64 9 914 4100 if you are outside New Zealand).